BrighTech Operations, has been since several years actively on the market as a B2B provider of energy-saving lamps. Under the name BRIGHTLITE we offer a wide range of induction lamps, CCFL lamps and tubes, energy saving bulbs T5/T8 and LED lamps for a wide range of applications. Our special focus is on product solutions for outdoor and indoor lighting in the urban and municipal area and for the

BRIGHTLITE products especially feature quality and high reliability. We guarantee this through our own quality control experts who supervise on-site in Asia the manufacturing process and perform another quality check before the shipment to our customers.
All lamps sold by us, have an exceptionally high energy saving potential of 40-70%, and therefore they also improve the CO ². Furthermore, they also require much less maintenance and repair than traditional bulbs, and have a longer life span compared to other lamps.